Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Flip

No...I did not start my day by doing a cartwheel (haven't done one in years actually) and I haven't "flipped" any one off in...well....I...seriously....don't know IF I HAVE EVER "flipped" some one off.  Maybe that's more of a guy thing or a "Distressed wanna be American Idol who doesn't make it past the first round?"

Any who.

Instead of ranting about the 5 inches of fluffy white stuff I have already shoveled this morning.


Instead of ranting about the FOOT of "back~breaking~thanks to the snow plow~because we live on the corner ~ and get the entire street worth of ice and snow chunks dumped at the END OF OUR DRIVE WAY" That I just shoveled.  Nope, not going to rant.


Instead of ranting about the gross pukes and burps our almost 4 year mutt has done lately and continues to do because she  LOVES to eat HER poop and Rudy's POOP too.......not going to go there.

I instead will share the quote on my calendar that I found when I flipped to the new day.........

If you thought your words 
would be the last earthly thing someone heard, 
would it make a difference
 in what you said and how you said it?

Think of that today and make a difference in someone's world!  ;-)  Happy Friday!!

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