Saturday, February 16, 2013

Day Off!!

It's Friday night and what did I ask my hubby for???

A morning to sleep in........that's right!! I don't ask for much and I am a MORNING PERSON FOR SURE but my body and head just told me it needed and wanted to sleep later than 4:50 AM for once.

(That is the time my internal clock usually wakes me up either A.  because I know the pup will be whining in minutes. B.  because I know the coffee will soon be brewing ....and the pup will be whining in minutes. or C. because my butt needs to get dressed to get downstairs the coffee to wake up for exercise class which is 13 minutes away and starts at 6AM....and the pup will be whining in minutes!)

He agreed to get up by the second time I asked him.  And to be sure that I would not hear the pup I took a NIGHTTIME SINUS drug to knock. one. out. cold!!!

I went to bed by 9:30PM and woke up at 7:35AM.....WOOHOO to sleeping in!!! (Although, the house was so quiet I kind of thought every one slept in and I would find a pup in a puddle of pee) Thankfully that was not the case.  Hubs was up and Owen was at the computer.....dogs had been fed and put out and the world survived while I slept.

Hubs has a is he congested and moving slow.  As he says, and I quote; "Colds usually turn into sinus infections for me and Why do I get colds that are so much worse than every one else?" Hmmm, I don't know.  I just don't know.  ;-) He is off to buy medicine and probably more orange juice (his beverage of choice during his "COLD" situation.)

So today is a DAY OFF from exercise for him and for me.....oh yes, I am not feeling 100% either...I have plugged up ears and feeling a little dizzy *which is what happens when my body tells me its tired and wants a rest*...I think I need ice cream and a good movie to take care of that.  ;-)  Doesn't ice cream really heal every thing after all???

Enjoy your Saturday all!!!


Kim said...

Hope y'all are both feeling better!

hiker mom said...

Yay glad you got to sleep in! I can't believe your son was up that early! My boys usually sleep past 10 on the weekends:)

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