Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thankful Thursday....this is an easy one.


Yesterday's sun and a bug that left almost as quickly as it arrived  motivated me enough to bundle up, use no more excuses, and just run for fun!

I didn't care how slow I went I just wanted to feel the sun on my face and enjoy being outside...
It was what I needed...

Some great quotes:

 so true, so true

Love this one:

Just curious...Is there any thing you think twice about doing?  Even when you know ~ if you do it ~ it will make you really really happy?.....and its probably FUN!  This makes me think of....*Honey Boo Boo* I actually watched a bit of the show last night while the kiddos were at church and hubby was at a was a Pumpkin Carving episode.  Any one see it?  

The carving started off as a normal activity but in Honey Boo Boo fashion it quickly went crazy and all He!! broke loose with a pumpkin seed and guts "food fight"....seeds were going down shirts and pants, they made a seed face on the littlest baby AND they smooshed the guts and all the gooey mess all over their hair and was gross and I probably would have died to have MY KIDS start a scene like that.  

After though I must admit I thought...."Sheesh they really do have FUN together"....Chalk one up for Honey Boo Boo and family! ;-)

Kind of like summer time....when I am watering plants with the garden hose and it would be so easy to start a water fight....look out kids I might be doing more of that in a few months!  ;-)


hiker mom said...

Hooray for the sun! None here yet:( OH well, I should be used to it after 32 years living in WA:) Yes, I have to say Honey Boo Boo and her family seem to have a lot of fun. Food fights look like so much fun, but the thought of the clean-up makes it so I would never ever do it (unless someone else cleaned up and it wasn't at my house)

Kim said...

Rainy day here today - I don't mind now that I'm home in my sweats!
I have never watched Honey BooBoo - I'm sure I would like it and then I would have one more show to try to keep up with!!

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