Monday, January 28, 2013


Yes...Thank God It's Monday!!

  Don't we all love a fresh start?  

We eat too much....Well, its Monday time to do better.   

We don't clean or do laundry all weekend....Well, on Monday I will pick up!  

We drank too much....It's Monday ~ I am NOT drinking like that again~ EVER!  

We didn't exercise like we should have....It's Monday and when the kids go to school I will make exercise my priority!! (OK that one hit close to home!)

And finally, We may not have gotten as much sleep as we needed or wanted.....It's Monday! I will go to bed at 8PM tonight ~ I have nothing else to do!  ;-)

Grandma and Grandpa made it down on Saturday.  Nancy (my sister) also came but I couldn't find a picture of her right now.  The weather was gorgeous on Saturday.  The roads were dry and they made it down here in just under 4 hours.  That is very normal and we were very excited.

I made tacos for supper, we watched home movies, we chatted, ate dessert and I even opened a few "early" birthday presents for ME! Who doesn't like to be honored almost 2 weeks before their actual B-day?  It was superb!!

Then Sunday....the morning was great....we were feeling the warming trend the forecast spoke of.  Waking to temps of 30 degrees is downright balmy!!!  Too bad the weather forecast also called for a WINTRY MIX to begin around noon.  Too bad they were also DEAD ON with THAT news.  UGH!!!

We got to my cousin's shower at noon and the rain/sleet had started.  By 1PM we were getting text messages that accidents were happening all around town and roads were getting slick.  By 1:30 we left to meet up with hubby and grandpa so the three of them could get on the roads again to drive home.
Within minutes the SNOW started too. They drove between 20 and 40 miles per hour for about 2 hours....and finally just an HOUR out of being HOME they hit DRY ROADS and could get back to 70 MPH.  I think it may have been 5 1/2 hours before they got home.

I am pretty sure they will never drive down in the winter again.  ;-)

I am pretty sure they all were saying a few prayers in their head while driving through the crappy weather.  

I am pretty sure they are very thankful its Monday and the weekend is over.

NO....I am VERY SURE they are THRILLED its MONDAY and the WEEKEND is over!! 

How about you?


Corrie Anne said...

I kind of love Mondays -- it probably helps that I don't work on them! Haha.

Kim said...

I'm glad that your parents and sister made it home safely - what an awful driving experience for them!!
Hope your Monday is great!!

hiker mom said...

Glad you all got to spend the weekend together:) I hate icy roads!

Ginger Foxxx said...

I don't mind mondays, but they come too soon! I am advocating for a three day weekend :)

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