Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sun LIght depletion...ugh!

Workout:  6am cycle class....

Today I got this neat little egg and muffin NordicWare microwavable bowl  in the mail.. I ordered it a week ago from a recipe tip I read off of STUFT Mama's Blog.  She uses the bowl to make great looked too easy so I was curious.  I tried it.....

(right before I took it out of microwave)
 I must admit it was super easy!  It cooked the muffin nicely and the muffin tasted good.  Good as in a healthy treat good...not good as in eating a Snicker's Ice Cream Bar.  ;-)
 (letting it cool a bit before inhaling)

So while the muffin cooled I decided it was time to take the Sun Light out of storage.  January is notoriously hard on me and my mind.  The let down after the holiday hype.  The thought of months of winter still ahead of us.  The cold weather and dark nights.  The "want" to eat healthy and get out there and exercise but the "reality" is BaH HumBug of Blahs! 

I purchased the Sun Light a couple of years ago. 
 It seems to work and I seem to need it more right now.

 The light on.

 The light off.  
They recommend sitting by it for 20 minutes a day.  It takes the place of natural SunLight that we ~ peeps that live in places such as MN ~ and receive less natural sun during the winter months ~ can get rejuvenated by its light effect.

Especially when we sit by it and enjoy a muffin with some PB2 mixed in.  ;-)
 and if that's not enough for the taste buds
 a dollop of my favorite Greek Yogurt definitely will do the trick...

So yes, today was a bit of a roller coaster of emotions.  One minute loving my treat and sitting by my light (too bad it doesn't tan too) the next crying and trying to figure out what this month is going to do to my head.  Why oh why does this happen?  SAD...Seasonal Affects Disorder is really just that...sad.  I have issues ...oh, yes I do...and at least I can admit that I do...that's the first step right?  ;-)


hiker mom said...

We Seattleites have issues with SAD too. Ugh! I have a couple of those lights but I never know where to put them. I think the kitchen might be the best place for me. I will have to try it.

Ginger Foxxx said...

I have SO thought about buying one of those lights! I always get super depressed in the winter. Its not the cold, its the dark!! At least the days are getting longer?

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