Saturday, January 12, 2013

Oscar Movies...Zero Dark Thirty*edit*

Many years hubby and I talk about wanting to see ALL THE MOVIES up for the Oscars BEFORE the actual award show.  It never happens.  Sometimes we may see one or two but never ALL.  Sometimes its not our fault because the movies come and go and we can't always find them any more to see even IF we wanted to.  

This year just may be our year!!  (Or at least my year..ha!)

Two weeks ago I went to Les Miserables with a friend.  I don't think hubby had much desire to see that one b/c of the fact that it is a musical and there is about 99.9% singing.  I liked it.  I loved Hugh Jackman and his character  but I didn't care for Russell Crowe's singing and "emotions" during his parts.  (I would be a great review critic huh? ) Good movie...overall winner?? Ehh?

TOTALLY forgot....(Sorry Nicole)....My 15 yr. old daughter reminded me that we both read the book "Silver Lining  Playbook" then we went to see the movie last weekend!  Wow!  I have been to the movies more in the past couple of weeks than in the last year or two put together! BOOK was AMAZING...super fast read and good, good good...Movie starred Jennifer Lawerence and Bradley Cooper...both were good in their roles but, in general the BOOK out shined the movie by A books usually do.  So movie would be about a B-.

Last night we saw:

Zero Dark Thirty is not going to be for everyone. It paints a grim and often disorienting picture, and while you may root for the characters you won’t become attached to them – there just isn’t enough of of them on screen. Even the main character of Maya is distant and hard to relate to, but that’s the point. The world of Zero Dark Thirty is real – or at least a fictionalized look at a very real world.

The movie takes place over several years and features quick glimpses of events and relationships that are never given time to bloom on camera. There is a definite end goal that the movie is hurtling towards, which means characters are introduced and forgotten once their job is completed. That puts the film back on Maya, who as a character has no friends or life beyond her work. There are moments when it is hard to connect with anyone in the film, which makes Zero Dark Thirty a bit more like a documentary than a movie. It is a fascinating, albeit somewhat cold and aloof film.

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My review:  Some will love it (like we did) and some will dislike many parts of it.  There are a few torture scenes that are kind of hard to digest...nothing major don't worry...but, still it makes your stomach twirl.  It was intense.  Thought provoking. My heart was pumping and my hands were sweating during most of it. The theater was silent ....I think every one was really "taking it all in"....I know I came away thinking amazing thoughts about our country.  

My problems at my job? My stressors of life? People getting excited over the latest greatest toy? What is that all about?  These people...the CIA, the SEALS, the Undercover Agents who risk their lives DAILY and for YEARS to make our life better~safer~THEY ARE THE ONES WHO should be thanked DAILY.  GIVEN RAISES. APPRECIATED.  I know this movie depicts only a small part of what is really happening and some of it didn't even happen probably.  But I also know a lot more probably happened then we will ever be made aware of.  And how ever, they did it....they found and killed Bin Laden...a terrorist. 

If you are on the fence about seeing this movie I would jump off that fence and go see it immediately! I don't think you will be disappointed.


Have you seen Zero Dark Thirty?  Any other Oscar nominated movies?


Kim said...

Glad you gave a review - still not sure about seeing it. (I think stuff like that is too real for me since Chris is a military pilot and deploys some due to the ongoing war.)
Lincoln, on the other hand, one I will see!!!
Fun quest - seeing all the movies before the awards. Never happens here - we have a great collection of DVDs because we rarely go to the theater!

Anonymous said...

Mom you forgot to mention The Sliver Linings Playbook.


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