Thursday, January 3, 2013

Just a few things today on this....Thankful Thursday

1.  I didn't have to work today.  Yes, it was only suppose to be a couple of hours but another lady was nice enough to cover my shift so that I could still be in my pajamas while .....putting away some Christmas decor, dusting, doing laundry, looking over my Sunday school lesson and taking deep breaths...and the sun just came out!!  ;-)

2.  Hubby took this picture of Owen on New Year's Eve.  I had already gone to sleep so this was taken between 10:15 and midnight....not sure when he fell asleep but I heard he did wake up in time to say "Happy New Year" to all.....and to all a good night! (Or good year?  whatever?!)

 3.  Thankful this little guy doesn't give me this view too often.  ha!  Nice, really nice Rudy!

4.  This cute Angel.  My mom gave me this for Christmas.  She said it kind of reminded her of ME.  Not sure if its the way she has her head cocked as if saying ..."Really mom?"...or..."the innocent look in her face"...or the "angelic wings"...which I am sure I am wearing these days.  Ummmm..not!  However I do think it was the words on her dress that my mom was drawn to. 

A closer view.  These are all good reminders....I especially like BE YOURSELF! So true, so true....You are your best self...don't let any one tell you otherwise.

I am also thankful I am having a better day.  I think going to bed last night at 8:55PM and waking up at 5:55 AM had some thing to do with it.  9 hours of uninterrupted sleep are amazing and I have not had that in a while.

Plus, the SUN is if the snow would just melt life couldn't get any better than that!  ;-)


hiker mom said...

Thank goodness for the sun! I love the Rudy pic:) At least his tail is not up in the air like my dogs:)

Kim said...

Glad today was a better day! The sun is necessary!!! (Especially this time of year!). Hopefully you have lots of sunny days ahead - if not, good thing you have your sun-lamp!

Tamara said...

I love the sayings on your angel! Such a good reminder to be kind, loving and compassionate to ourselves!

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