Monday, January 7, 2013

Its Monday! *edit update*

Depending on how you accentuate that word...."Monday" can put a major spin on your attitude and perspective towards tackling a new day.

Its MONDAY!!!!...all chipper...happy...excited...where your voice sounds like a 3 year old little girl who just received cotton candy!

Its Monday!....start of a new week...I made it through the weekend without bingeing kind of was what will this week bring?

Its M.o.n.d.ay......nothing too special....start of a new week....wish I had one more day to focus, relax, clean, fill in the blank.....routine though~routine is good...Monday brings back routine for the family.

and finally....

Its m...o...n...d....a..........y.  Blah! Bummer! It's still January.  It's c.o.l.d.  It's depressing.  I just want to crawl back into bed and stay there all day OR I want to eat ice cream all day OR I want to drive as fast as I can to the airport....pick any sunny a ticket and I'm leaving on a jet plane.  (I think my family would be shocked if I did this but happy to have me gone for awhile too)

Truth be told I usually can not stand January in Minnesota...I know I have a problem...a lot of people's amazing how different months and temperatures through out the year can have such a different effect on our moods.

Some bounce with it and just keep doing what they do and get through no problem.  Others, like myself, struggle a little more.  I don't think those with the bounce understand us.  They may think "just snap out of it"..."it's up to you"....but it is more than that....

Time to exercise and put a little bounce back in my step (before I call in sick to work)

Sorry if too much TMI ....sometimes I think of this blog as a great way to release what it really weighing me down...and believe it or not it helps.  

*Just wanted to say....After cleaning 4 bathrooms, running a VERY SLOW 3 miles, a shower and 20 minutes by the SUN light...I am feeling better....better is better than before.  ;-)

Also, I flipped my desk calendar of quotes and today's read:
"No, life isn't always what you want, but it's what you've got; 
so, with God's help, CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY." 

funny how sometimes certain quotes really hit home


Kim said...

So funny - I just clicked over and we have almost the same title today. Same thought process for sure!!! Have a great Monday!!

hiker mom said...

Hope you feel better. I did not want to get out of my comfy and warm bed to greet the cloudy and misty Seattle day. But, here I am getting the kids off to school and reading blogs. I made it! Woohoo! Hoping for sunshine soon for both of us:)

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