Friday, January 25, 2013

It's Friday......what the?!

Free Rant Friday Right!?

1.  MN weather is NOT FAIR!  Today was suppose to start our "warming trend"...yes, its above fact I think its 14 out right now..but we have a NORTH WIND BLOWING so hard that I believe Chicago is NOT the WINDY city today but LAKEVILLE is!! Yes...the SUN is out...YES I am HAPPY about that....but why can't we have a break and simply a nice, sunny, 25 degree day!! Is that too much to ask?

2.  I just got home from having PAP SMEAR.  Yes. I. did.  .... Jealous?  I think not.  But, what you may be jealous of is that I DO NOT HAVE TO GO BACK FOR 5 YEARS!! When are you going back??? Bwahahaha!  (sorry, this wind is wrecking havoc on my Nice genes)

3.  I went to a church meeting last night.  It was to gather input on how to improve our "Youth Ministry" for grades 5th-12th.  About 50 members showed up (out of a pool of 2500 approximately) What amazed me most?  How those 50 can ALL have different views of what they think currently "works well" with the youth AND what they think "needs improvement" for the youth ministry.  How do you please every one and keep every one happy with so many different ideas and goals?  Just think if we had more members present?  Oh, the THINKS I could THINK.......yes, its times like these that we all need a little Dr. Seuss in our lives!

4.  I am suppose to call and schedule my mammogram now too.....Yea, RIGHT!!! Do I really want my piece of flabby skin and fat affectionately called a "boob" swished and squeezed between two plates to look like a pancake and feel like I AM DYING?  I did that once 4 years ago....the results came back perfect.  I think I need another 4 years to warm up to the idea.  ;-)  Do you imagine a man having to go through that to check for cancer growth in his penis?  Seriously!  Squished as flat as a "ManCake" imagine that people?!

5.  My part time job is too part time I am thinking.  I got paid today.  It barely covered what I spent at my girl friends jewelry party the other night.  ;-(  I need to increase my hours OR find a friend who will BUY me Jewelry!  *I choose the later too*

TOMORROW MY PARENTS AND SISTER ARE DRIVING DOWN!!!!!!  This make me very happy!!! And very nervous.....I hear we may have a 25% chance of a wintry mix on Sunday....if they hear it they may NOT come down.  UGH!!! Life in MN during the winter is NOT much fun!

How is your life right now?  It's Friday ~ yea! It's Good....It's Really Good!


Ginger Foxxx said...

Little known trivia: Chicago is actually called the windy city because of our history of having crooked politicians blowing hot air!! :) It does get windy by the lake though, haha

I am jealous, i have to visit the lady doctor twice a year! I would love to go every 5 years - those costs add up!

Kim said...

5 years? Nice!! I think I'm up for both of those fun experiences next month!!! Joys of being in our 40s!!!

How have you been spending your time???

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