Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I am Freezing and sticking close to the bathroom!


My Monday got better....but *no pun intended* my BUTT didn't agree with the direction my mind wanted to go.  To the "happy" place.  To the place of "butterflies and ice cream".

...Sorry ....warning....TMI?.... Tuesday?.....

My BUTT wanted to stay close to the bathroom last night...some bug has entered me and only wants to leave by a quick out burst out the back.  (sorry...I warned ya about the TMI...haha!)

After a couple of "episodes" last night...I went to bed feeling fine...I even woke up and went to body pump at 6 AM!! Yes, I am woman ~ hear me ROAR?

Then, I ate breakfast....MISTAKE #1...right back to the bathroom for me!  Feeling better I decided to have a warm glass of coffee...Oops MISTAKE #2...back again.  At this point I thought I better not risk my fellow employees and I called to get a sub for my hours at the Y. Whew!  Feeling hesitant I waited about an hour and then I got hungry....I had some simply spaghetti squash, avocado, spinach, and salsa ...MISTAKE #3....the salad I usually LOVE ~ DIDN'T LOVE ME BACK TODAY...

By now, you know where I ended up.  ;-(

Then, I took an hour nap and woke up to dogs barking ......Now I am freezing.

I have already begun to find a replacement for my shift at work tomorrow too...just to be sure since I am not positive where this is going right now.

I am.
I am under a blanket.
Not looking too far into the future right now...except to get over this.


hiker mom said...

Feel better:) Hopefully it will pass quickly

Kim said...

Ugh!!! No fun at all! I hope that you rest today and tonight and wake up good as new tomorrow. I also hope that this is one of those things you don't share with your family!!!
Hopefully you have a good book or some good shows on the DVR!!!

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