Friday, January 4, 2013

Honesty ...Good or Bad...?

Today on this Friday~the first Friday of the New Year ~ January 4th to be exact ~ I am wondering if my parents are enjoying their Wedding Anniversary? Just a mere 49 years of marital bliss!!

Happy Anniversary you two!

*I think this was taken about 4 years ago...
the last time I remember having my "natural" hair color*

The big, the bad, the ugly.  Do you think its good or not?  Are you really honest with others when they ask your opinion?  Do you like my new shoes....when you really don' you say yes?  Or if you taste some thing some one has made/baked....If they LOVE it and are raving about it...but YOU don't you honestly tell them it makes you kind of want to gag or not?

When people lose weight we tell them honestly that they "are looking good" and we may even ask what they have been doing different.  We honestly want to know their secret.  However, since we notice when others lose weight don't we also notice when others gain weight?  Do you honestly tell them they are "looking a little heavier these days" or ask them what they have been doing different to cause such gain?  

Honestly....I wish a few had said ..."So, Kathy looks like the Christmas cookies went right to your hips"...or..."How many pounds have you gained?" ;-) LOL Geesh I made myself laugh with that one...would we really want the honest truth? It may have made me realize the pants being tighter wasn't just my imagination and that it really was happening and noticeable to others too.  

How about being honest about ones faults?  If someone drinks too much, gambles too often, uses profanity like its no big deal, or spends money waaay out of their budget should we honestly say something IF they ask for our opinion?  Do others really want to hear the truth or Do others really only want to HEAR what they think is RIGHT?  

I have a lot of strong personalities in my family....some have problems, some are perfect, some are average, some are know-it-alls, and some admit to knowing nothing....who is wrong?  who is right? Where do you go when asked for an "honest answer?" 

What did I do this morning?

I met my cousin at Trader Joe's ....We shopped and was a lot of fun...honestly it was!

What did I do last night?

I finally decided to not worry about other diet plans!  WW, Atkins, etc.....are not for me...from now on I am on the Kathy Diet!  I need to figure out what foods work for me.  I enjoy too many foods to NOT have some of them b/c some diet says I shouldn't.  It will be a slow discovery I am sure but I have an entire year to get it right this time!! WooHoo!!

What are we doing this weekend?

Another trip to the MOA, exercising at the Y, Owen has a basketball game, church/Sunday school, and of course there is this little thing called 
it seems to be getting a lot of noise around town....
we will probably have to check in on that game too.

Have a great day.  Oops..almost forgot to tell you the SUN is out again today!! I may go skipping around the house I am so happy!  ;-)


Corrie Anne said...

I want to go to MOA!!! I'm usually a fan of honesty -- of course, I don't love it when it hurts my feelings. But those are true friends, right?

Kim said...

I'm all for honesty!!! When Chris tells me I look great when I'm all sweaty and nasty I'm not a fan - what does that say for the rest of the time?!
Awesome that your parents are celebrating 49 years!!!!

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