Friday, January 11, 2013

High-Five Friday!

It's Friday .... 
Who can be upset about that? 
 Here are my "High Five" for this Friday ~ Jan. 11th!!

#5  Today's the Day to commit to taking control! I am taking back my healthier food choices from before Thanksgiving!

#4  It's suppose to be in the 40's today!!! Yes, it is cloudy but I will sit by my SunLight and be happy.

#3  I ran 4 miles earlier hip didn't bother me once! Woo Hoo to that!! ;-)

#2  Exactly one..YES ONE...month from today I will turn 44! (If that's not motivation I don't know what is)




High Five for this Friday:

Date Night!  Hubby and I are going to see "Zero Dark Thirty" opens tonight and is up for many Oscar's ~ after we are going out to eat!!  I will be exercising control while ordering and only having one drink for sure.   Also, I love going out to eat when I know we don't have to pay!!  We will be using a gift card we received from a friend at Christmas!  Does that mean I am cheap?  Yea, probably since I told hubby to come home from work early so we could get matinee prices at the theater rather than paying full price after 5 PM.  ha!

Have a great Friday every one!!


Runner Maybe said...

Great minds think a like!!!

Have a great weekend.

Kim said...

Hope date night was fun!!! You will have to do a review of the move - heard about it but pretty sure I won't see it.

How have you been spending your time???

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