Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fried egg/PB sandwich...Mmmm

So the other day I was craving peanut butter ..no surprise there..
I usually have it one way or another every day of my life.  
But, that day I really wanted an egg too...
so I fried up some eggs...

added a heart slab of almond butter

 set it in the sandwich maker.....

 and waalah ~ tadah~ heaven!
(or Neveah...heaven backwards..and a new popular girls name)
 My heaven brought on some curious onlookers too..
Frances is always too close for company while we are in the kitchen.


Rudy was really hoping I would drop some thing for him to lick up.

Sorry it didn't happen...guess that's why he opted for bunny poo while out side. Hey, maybe he thought  he would share his food with me and then I would get the hint and share my food with him?
WRONG...not happening!

Anyone else tried a fried egg/peanut butter sandwich?  like or not?


Runner Maybe said...

I don't know about that. I love me a good egg sandwich, but PB on it.

Kim said...

Never tried it - not sure it is on the list.
I have a friend who loves tomatoes with cheese and peanut butter. (another thing I have never tried!)
I like peanut butter with syrup - high calories for sure!!!

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