Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Even Rudy is trying to stay warm..

Yes, he was busted......
I caught him loving on his "after Christmas Petco ~ sale~  Penguin"

He has a blanket bed beside the computer desk.  And his kennel with a doggie bed and another blanket in it but recently I found him like this.

 Whether snuggling in with his penguin because he loves it so or because he is just trying to keep warm it is pretty darn cute! (or pathetic....because he kind of looks lonely and rejected too....believe me he is not starving for attention so do not feel sorry for the little boy!)

On another note:  I must be a true Minnesotan because I was out and about yesterday and yes, it was cold but tolerable to run errands and do some stuff.  (didn't think I would ever say that did you?)

And one final note:  I am so sad.....I must live under a rock.....I didn't know the President was being sworn in yesterday until after we left the Y and Nicole informed me it was on ALL the TV's while she was working out.  (I was in a studio doing body pump)  


Kim said...

I had to laugh at your comment about the President!! I was happy it was during the day so it didn't interrupt Biggest Loser!

Ginger Foxxx said...

awww, the poor guy must be freezing! And don't feel bad. I thought the inauguration was on Sunday....so on Monday, i was like really? again?

hiker mom said...

Rudy is so adorable!! I love that he is cuddling with his stuffed animal:) I would rather do Bodypump than watch the pres:)

Tamara said...

Love your pup! My cat has a favourite stuffed animal that he likes to cuddle with. Guess they're not all that different from humans, eh?

Corrie Anne said...

Brrrr. I shivered reading your blog. Actually, I have Wabasha, MN, saved on weather.com, and accidentally pulled it up today! I freaked out for a second!!!!