Sunday, January 20, 2013

Baby its Cold Outside...but I'm feeling PINK

The winds they are a changing...

It was a beautiful morning.  It felt around 32 degrees, I went to body pump at 7AM, washed the van after, got ready and went to the boy's basketball game, came home ate lunch and dropped the boy off at a friends house.  ;-)

Well, what's a girl to do on such a nice Saturday?  Vacuum out her van and sweep out the garage.  I think I had the beginnings of a great sand castle between the two areas.  My mind was really hoping for spring but my heart knew better.

It's now about 2PM (well really its 6:30 Sunday AM..... just roll with it Mkay?)....I sat down to read my book.....
(few pages in and really good)

by 2:45 I thought "We're not in Kansas any more"...I saw newspaper flying by the window.  The trees were bending every which way and the winds were howling.  CRAZY ~ OnLY in MINNESOTA!

By 5:30 PM we walked into church and had to cover our mouths because the wind took our breath away.  Its freezing.  The temperature then was 9!

The Temperature now is ZERO!  But it feels like MINUS 8 with the windchill!!!! 

 Guess he found a warm spot to lick around.
Right next to the heater vent.
That tongue is very busy...and the floor is very clean! excited to go to Sunday School soon.  (kind of? sort of? really want to be a bear and hibernate for 2 days but know I can't! Truth be Told.)

Even though this post is a little blue....I am actually feeling very PINK just may be in your future.  ;-)

Ahhhhhh......I couldn't wait................

Last night before bed I did this............................

 When I was younger I use to think I could be a foot model (doesn't every girl dream big like that?)...then I found out people with "Morton's toe" ~ the longer second toe thing going on ~ are a little odd and foot models have perfectly shaped toes.  Sheesh one more thing to add to my list that's odd about me! 

Why yes, I have pink sweats on too...
as in the color not the brand.

Time for another cup of coffee and breakfast.  Stay warm or cool depending on where you live these days.  

What color are your toenails right now?  Any other Morton's Toe peeps out there? 


Kim said...

Try to stay warm!
Love the pink toe nails. Mine might still have the last remnants of polish from summer - I'm really bad about polishing my toenails in the winter.
Better hunker down inside after Sunday School!!!

STUFT Mama said...

Love your nails!!!! And come out to CA- you'll get warm here!!! He he! I don't know how you do it. :)

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