Saturday, January 5, 2013

A shopping trip to TJ's and Dietbet is ON!

Yesterday was simply least for about an hour.  ;-)  You see my cousin lives about 35 minutes away, she has a 17-month old, works full time and is pregnant with twin boys...thus, she is busy and we don't see each other often.  Today we planned a shopping trip to Trader Joe's to shop and talk and plan our next lunch.  We laughed, we talked, she cried and we shared...oh, the emotions of a pregnant lady and a momma with issues (yes, that's me..the momma not the pregnant lady...ha!

What puts a smile on everyone's faces?????

*Free samples*

I bought and figured it would be one way to get Owen to eat a worked...
he gave it a thumb's up!

 I saw another blogger post about this peanut yes, I had to buy it but no, I haven't tried it yet...I am nervous to open it b/c an open jar of peanut butter doesn't last very long around this house.

Have you tried these before?
If you like it hot and sweet these are FOR YOU...go BUY THEM NOW!
I seriously could have eaten the entire bag ....after sampling just ONE....but I am proud to say I didn't!
Out of sight, out of mind...they were pushed back in the closet and I am allowing myself one 
Chile Spiced Mango treat a day!! 

 And finally, Dietbet.  Have you heard about these on-line diet challenges?  If not, click on Dietbet to read more about it.  I hadn't but after my Christmas binge I figured its a perfect time to try something new.  We start by taking pictures of ourself in "proper attire" no "birthday suits" for this photo...thank goodness!  Then we also have to take a picture of the read out on the scale...our actual weight in numbers! (That photo will not be posted!)

Makenzie took this lovely picture of me posing..."Nice, Really Nice" (the art work on the wall was from Nicole's clay class in about 7th grade I that is what I look at when I am getting ready each day...puts a lot in perspective huh? hahaha!)

I must say I love my new bubble tank top.  I bought it at Old Navy just yesterday.  I actually got two and by my surprise by buying TWO I received another little discount so each tank was $7.94 not bad for after Christmas sales!

Well, that's it....I will be watching a 4th grade basketball game about 9:30 and then heading to the Y after for a workout.  The Dietbet challenge is on and if I want a part of the $3450 winning pot I must lose 4% of my starting weight.

Love a good challenge don't you?


Kim said...

I think you look great!!! I'm pretty sure I don't have the will power to do the diet thing - even with the incentive of money. Plus 4% for me would be at least 6 pounds - I tend to vary by 2-3 pounds every few weeks anyway. I'm just going to go with - I'm too lazy and set in my bad habits!
Good luck!

Corrie Anne said...

I think the bets & challenges are fun!! Good luck!! Cute tank.

Tamara said...

I love that you had your child take your photo! I shooed everyone away from the bathroom and locked the door!

Ah TJ's. The best way to spend an afternoon with a friend. I have a TJ's date booked with a girlfriend for later this month! Will have to try that peanut butter (at least once the DietBet is over! LOL)

How have you been spending your time???

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