Monday, January 21, 2013

-5 for a high temperature!

ha ha!
(lets hope it doesn't get that bad)

Actually even though today is going to be the COLDEST day in 4 years!! I think I purposely put things on the calendar to MAKE my self get off my butt and move a little bit.  Be a Minnesotan and get out in the frigid temps which makes me appreciate a warm 32 degree day SO much more!!

I have been up since 5:20AM normal morning time~nothing new~fed the dogs and let them out to eat  do their business.  However, what I most enjoy about my morning time is reading blogs, drinking my coffee, and having the glow of the Christmas/Valentine tree behind me.  

Today I have a "blood work" appointment at 7:30.  That means I have one more hour of fasting!!!! WHAT!?@  I know, I know, hard to swallow...literally!....No food or drink have been past these lips since 8PM last night.  Yes, they said I could have some water but that would just be the tease my lips would not like and they may go all ape wanting their coffee.  

So I am waiting and praying the next 43 minutes go by I can bundle up, get in my frozen van, and drive to my appointment where I will leisurely give them my arm to prick and poke with a needle until they get the appropriate amount of blood that they need.  So exciting huh?!

As soon as I get home look will be inhaled! The kids will be up and we will be heading to the Y to work out before we come home to hibernate! 

Are you doing any thing for this Martin Luther King Day?  I may have to google some stuff/activities to do with older kiddos since I will have all afternoon to busy our selves while we hunker down under the blankets.  Enjoy your day.....and your warmer temperatures....yes, I am jealous! 

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Kim said...

WOW - bummer that you have to leave the house before you have coffee to warm you. Maybe a trip to Starbucks on the way home.
One year we had a solid month of single digit temps here in KS. My sister was visiting from TX and said she would never again complain about the cold at home.
Hopefully the super cold will be short-lived!

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