Saturday, December 29, 2012

what's in a word?

As we all know the new year is fast approaching so lets all say together.....
"Where did 2012 go?"

Really friends 
just like mothers every where tell their children....
"Enjoy your youth because the years fly by as you get older"
*they do...they really do..*

It is that time of year to: 
1.  Think about some thing to resolve to do better
2.  Clean out closets!
3.  Rearrange furniture as we begin to take down Christmas decorations
 (oh, am I the only one that does this?)
4.  Reflect on the past
5.  Look forward to the future
6.  Write down your resolution and make this year THE year to reach that goal!
7.  Become a better YOU!
8.  Be thankful for your blessings!
9.  Exercise more or less????
10.  "Give thanks in all circumstances for this is God's will for you, in Christ Jesus."
1 Thessalonians 5:18

Sometimes we like to think of the New Year with a New WORD that we can write down, doodle, think about when happy and it just might lift you up when sad.

There are many words out, change, praise, pray, ACCEPT, strong, PERSISTENCE, or a phrase such as "JUST DO IT!" What word or phrase will be the one that best describes what you want out of the year? I have thought about this and the biggest change I want to make this year is to control my sugary binge that attacks periodically around holidays and other celebrations...I just don't get the idea of having one cookie, one indulgence, one treat. 

My word which I then made into an acronym is:
(which actually means this to me:)
W~why/what are you eating right now?
H~how do you feel right now?
T~take ten

To be aware of WHATEVER I am eating, doing, saying, exercising, influencing others and my family while being me! Being me....but hopefully in 2013 a better ME! 
Whatever...take ten... to think about food, words, actions
Accept...what ever I ate, said or did and move on from that
The changes I make will have Everlasting effect on me and others? maybe.
Everything has Value...we are valuable too!
Exercise! (duh)

Sometimes ONE WORD can mean A LOT of things!

*Do you ever choose one word for your year?  Are you thinking about one right now? If so, what word would motivate,inspire, transform your 2013?*


Kim said...

I like the idea of picking a word. I might change my word after giving it more thought but for now I'm going to say MOMENT - as in be in the moment no matter what I'm doing. Sometimes I have a tendency to get so focused on what's coming up that I don't enjoy what is actually going on.
Great post! (I might steal the acronym idea, too!)

hiker mom said...

Hmmm, I will have to think about this one:)

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