Monday, December 3, 2012

scary snowman?

Workout yesterday:  NOT A THING.  ;-( I have had this head cold thing and sore throat going on so, instead I took some medicine and baked cookies (while washing my hands a lot)  I was going to go to cycle this morning but my throat is still sore and my body more rest morning should do my body good and later an easy walk/run...hopefully?!

Hubs took some pictures of our house at night.

The flood light gives quite the shadow of the snowman on our house.

 I wonder if that's scary to kids or not?

Back yard....(besides the photo being a little fuzzy) is also absent of any snow!!

Love that b/c it just makes it easier to drive and dress when running to work and errands but, dislike b/c  after all we do live in Minnesota and why live in MN if there is no white Christmas?  Just don't snow THIS weekend when grandpa and grandma want to drive down ~ 4 hours ~ for the kiddos Christmas Program at church. 

I will be praying every day for nice weather this weekend for their drive AND if it does snow...which it currently is on the 5-day forecast...I will pray its just the light fluffy stuff that doesn't make it slippery.  

Now...head congestion stuff GO AWAY...and don't come back another day!

Happy Monday!


michelle said...

That snowman shadow is awesome and I'm sure it would freak a kid out :)

hiker mom said...

The lights are beautiful! Feel better:)

Ginger Foxxx said...

haha, i love the jumbo snowman! I am starting to think i will never see snow again here in tropical Chicago!

Corrie Anne said...

Hope there's some snow when we drive up in a few weeks for Christmas... but I'm cool with not having any in CO!

We have a lot of fun things happening around here......

 Hard to believe this picture was taken last August as we were preparing for her final senior year at North she is just 16 day...