Monday, December 31, 2012

Random photo dump...

 This lovely mug already emptied, one water waiting, and coffee soon to be refilled.
 My new Christmas bag that came on Friday!
Love it!
 My "Whatever" Journal...starting officially tomorrow!
 A little shopping trip with some Christmas money.

 And now these two are waiting to be fed on this final day of 2012.  This is what every morning looks like though, I sit at the computer and drink my coffee while they wait for their food.  The first photo is by the computer desk....the next photo is in the kitchen outside the mud room where they get fed.  
And finally.....

Although, if I remember correctly the pack leader is suppose to eat first.  If that's me? Then, I did this wrong again because I haven't eaten...and need to now...guess that's why we have doggie issues ....none of us really know who is leading this pack.  HAHAHA!

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Kim said...

I love your new Christmas bag!!


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