Sunday, December 16, 2012

Not even "forced" Family Fun for once!

Workout Yesterday:  7am Body Pump and 40 minute cycle class...knowing I would be going out to eat I felt I needed to do a little more...I think I should have done a LOT more.  ;-) 

We joke with the kids....about having a "Forced Family Fun Day".  When they moan and groan and sometimes say, "Do we really have to go??" or "Why do we have to go with you guys?" (when they would rather stay home and have the TV to themselves...ha!) Because its a FORCED Family Fun Day!!! We make them come and 99% of the time they have fun and are glad they were forced into coming.  **pretty sure I am winning parent of the year for that **

(after Owen's basketball game)

We changed and started with a late lunch at Champps!
We love how they decorate for Christmas...lights, bulbs, and greenery all around.

family time at its finest with Owen.....
checking out the TV!

 We were hungry and enjoyed our food with out taking pictures...then with full tummies we walked around the closest mall for a while and were so glad we weren't really "shopping" since many stores had very long check out lines....crazy!

Remember how last weekend G&G couldn't come down due to bad weather?  They sent their Christmas gifts to us through Santa's little helpers (an aunt and uncle who drove down on Friday to visit their daughter) Thank You.  The kids (Owen) couldn't stand the thought of gifts in the house and NOT opening at least one, so we agreed if they were good all day then they could select one.

(After shopping we also went to church the opening took place about 6:45....they were good all day...oh, the power of a present!)

 Owen was first to open......getting ready......
and SCORE!  Skylander Giants!?  He was very excited....thank you G&G!

 This is how some 15 year olds chill I guess.....
she decide NOT to open one and have more at Christmas.

 and this is the 13 year old waiting for her turn...
(are they really my children??? ha!)

They just can't leave their momma alone I guess....never a moment of peace and quiet ...when some one or some animal isn't trying to get a pat, hug, back rub, do my hair, help me with home work, make me something...ooops, here I go again got a little lost in my train of thoughts....back to my wine and present! ;-)

 I choose what I thought looked like a calendar my mom usually gets me....and yes, I was right! Love this has great "Girl comments" and it totally made me smile! Plus, the little extra cash envelope that was attached was a surprise too. 

 Hubs....opening some center speaker that he won off of Ebay...
then had it sent to grandma's and she sent it back to us wrapped up ..ha!
crazy difference between men and women and their wants huh?

Finally, she had no plan behind which present to she just chose one.  She received the dvd BRAVE and her horse she rides came with it too....Ahhhh, reminded us of the good ol' days when Webkinz were ALWAYS on the list of gifts to buy.  They are growing up....

YEA!!! To a fun family that we didn't really have to force.  ;-)  Just a little carrot of a present being dangled isn't too bad right?  What ever works.....

Today is my last day of Sunday School then 2 weeks off during Christmas break.  We are having a short lesson and then a Christmas party.  I'm not sure how many kids will be there and how loud it will get but I kind of hope the hour flies by....a few of these boys are full of energy..pray for me.  ;-)

Have a great Sunday!


Kim said...

Your day sounds (and looks) like a fabulous family day! I loved the Forced Family Fun day - that's how I sometimes feel. I love that all of y'all opened a present early - fun times! Hope the boys weren't to hyper during Sunday School!!!

hiker mom said...

Hooray for unforced family fun! Hope your class flies by:)

Corrie Anne said...

I love it!! I am so looking forward to spending time with our fams soon!

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