Monday, December 10, 2012

Negative splits...

When Makenzie ran her first 2-mile race in Rosemount this past August she was nervous.  She had run plenty of milers before and did great but 2 miles, although seemingly not too far, against about 80 other girls pushing it full throttle the entire time was heart pounding to say the least.  Not only for her but for me too....

She started off well.

She was staying with a group of the top girls after the first mile.

She ended in the 10th spot and received what would be her first of many medals through cross country that season.  I don't know what her times were but I will always remember her middle school coach coming up to the varsity assistant coach and myself with the BIGGEST GRIN on his face ~ holding his stop watch.  As he announced, "Makenzie had negative splits!!! That's amazing for her first run!"

And all I kept thinking was,  "What was so amazing about negative splits??? Heck, what is a negative split!"  I am pretty sure I came home and googled the term and found out its a good thing.  Knowing how to pace your self,  not giving every thing you've got right away and then falling behind miserably, steady as she goes and then pushing a little more when needed.

Way to go Makenzie ....with out realizing what you were doing b/c running came and comes so naturally to were being you...amazing!

Today I start a new.


Workout: 3 miles on the treadmill.  

First mile.........12:03
Second mile....11:34
Third mile.......11:02

For me treadmill running is always it wasn't about the time any way.  It was about doing it.  I ended up having negative splits!! I thought of Kenzie and the coaches comment.  He was so proud of too.  Now I am proud of myself.  Negative splits...That's amazing for MY first run...on my way to 10-miles in 3 months.

No more binging.  I will be in control of my desires and what I really want.

 To be the best me that I am suppose to be.  ;-)  

I will not let myself fall miserably behind the sugar wall again...I will pace myself and my willpower and push myself when needed to refrain from the indulgence.


Laura @ Mommy run fast said...

Congrats to your daughter, and nice job on your negative splits! I struggle with sugar too, it's made life as a stay-at-home-mom more challenging when it's accessible, so I try to limit what's in our house. Don't beat yourself over it, move on and that's that. :)

Kim said...

WooHoo - great job, not only to run but to get negative splits!

Corrie Anne said...

Great run! Negative splits always feel AMAZING!

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