Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Life has been happening....

Monday Workout:  6am Cycle...and back to the Y last night with the girls easy..sort of...2.5 mile walk and core.

Tuesday AM Workout:  6AM body pump

Wednesday AM Workout:  50 minutes on the PRECOR Motion Trainer.  ( Have you tried this machine??? I LOVE IT!!)

That's IT!

No going back to the Y Tuesday night (like I had been doing with the girls lately)  Why?  Makenzie had her 7th grade choir concert ....she warned us that they would sound "AWFUL" and that only the Sopranos sing while every one else just mouths the words.  And added that most of the kids in the class just get yelled at during the hour and its soooo hard for the teacher to get any thing done.  Poor teacher...once again I thought...."Where has the respect for adults/teachers gone?"

What to do?  Take some pictures of course!
Unfortunately Kenz was right behind the angle of the microphone from where we were sitting.

yes, she is in the middle.
 another view
 You can kind of see the division line of the sopranos to the left ...these kids sounded great!
(Not bias b/c my daughter happens to be a soprano too)
I reassured Kenz that they sounded good...however,
 Sorry to say this middle section was not so good.  Some of the boys were jabbing each other during the performance and turing around looking at their buddies....laughing etc....after the concert the teacher announced her retirement.  She isn't even finishing out the year....she said she is able to retire and is going to...she will be done the end of February.
I say...."Congratulations for a Job Well done!"
She really is a great choir teacher....but I truly feel respect by kids is at an all time low...
teaching these days is really like being a mom, psychiatrist, cop, therapist, counselor, drill sergeant, and crowd's crazy out there!

Other Stuff Happening:

Kenzie had a dental appointment Monday's official we made her "Crown" appt. for January and received the price quote..."$1067 to $1200"...Merry Christmas 2013?

I get HIGHLIGHTS done today!!! So excited!!! Can you tell I am excited? ;-)

Final Advent service at church tonight....Hubs and Nicole were asked to do the readings...Nicole is a pro at reading ~ she has done this type of thing before....Hubby is use to leading meetings at work but it will be his first time at the lecturn at church.  Maybe it will turn into a new volunteer opportunity for him?

Owen can't wait for Friday...parties at school and finally he can say..."Hip, Hip Hooray for Christmas Vacation!!" and it will be true!

Did you realize that by this time next week another Christmas will be over?  Please, take some time to pause and stop the craziness ....enjoy family~church~special treats~wonderful music and remember ....

Jesus is the REASON for the Season!


Julie said...

And yes by enjoying family you should head this way! Stay with us, I'm sure the kids would love it!

Ginger Foxxx said...

yikes! At the lectern in front of everyone? I would be a nervous wreck! I am sure he will do great. I can't believe how fast time is flying...Next thing we know it will be January!

Kim said...

HIghlights (hair day or night, in general) - the greatest!!! Bummer about the crown (and huge expense)!!!
I totally agree with you on the sad lack of respect shown to adults anymore. I'm sort-of a stickler on showing respect when I sub. The problem is teachers and/or subs don't have much leverage anymore.

Santa?....Those eyes?....and this is probably how she got lice.

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