Friday, December 21, 2012

Hip Hip Hooray for Christmas Vacation!!

Tonight's the's coming tonight....(A big ol' pat on the back if you can answer where that line is from?)

Rudy is almost sitting on Santa's lap.
Hmmm...probably going to wish for a bone to chew on since I have been throwing his away
as I have been finding bits and pieces around the house...

 Kenzie ..
before leaving for school this morning...
 back view of her braid...
she loved it!

Ugly Sweater day for Coley.
(Thanks to my friend who bought this sweater recently for her ugly sweater party)
It's true around MN too...she couldn't find any ugly sweaters at the Goodwill stores...
she had to buy this one for $21 at Ragstock..
She was thrilled to know it was getting used twice in one season.

Since this is the last day for the kids to be in school's MY last day for last minute shopping.  I am off to get ready and go.  Then home to make one more cookie concoction since we have eaten every thing else!!!! We love our Christmas treats! (Today is also Cookie exchange at the Y....kind of excited to see what I end up with!)

*** So??? Do you know where the line is from???  If you said "Christmas Story" you were correct.  When the dad is excited to get his MAJOR AWARD......the leg lamp! ha!  ***


Kim said...

I'm fixing to head out for my last minute errands, too! Enjoy your Christmas break with your family.
The braid is amazing - do you do it or can she do it herself? (on the list of reasons I'm glad I only have boys - I can't do hair!!!)

hiker mom said...

Kenzie's hair is so cute! Enjoy your last minute shopping!

Santa?....Those eyes?....and this is probably how she got lice.

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