Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Have you been reading my mind?

After yesterdays post I tried to look at a few things snacking, my children, ME! (oh, its been fun and sorry no AHa! moments to speak of yet.)
But, I do think somebody who is way more in control than myself is trying to tell me a thing or two.  I woke up today to a few posts that hit home.....
From her on Forgiving Yourself:
1. Take responsibility for what is yours but not for what is not yours. Here’s what I mean. To begin to forgive ourselves we must realize that we actually did do something stupid or silly or wrong or unthoughtful. We have to take responsibility for our actions and behaviors that led us to the place. But we also shouldn’t take responsibility for the mistakes and wrongs of others. If my 1st grader gets in a tussle on the playground and screams angrily at another kid, she should take responsibility for what she has done wrong, but not for the actions of the other child. Those of us who are hard on ourselves often take too much blame and we take blame that is not ours.
2. Start speaking the truth. The truth is, you’ve already been forgiven. The truth is, your mistakes do not define you. The truth is, you are not alone. The truth is, the grace and forgiveness of God are bigger than all of us and our mistakes combined. The truth is, God has deemed us worthy of His forgiveness. When we begin to speak these things we also begin to believe them. And the truth is, your journey to forgiving yourself is one that God with travel with you each step of the way.
3.  Embrace grace. Bask in it. Observe it in action. Watch for it. Become an expert in it so you can recognize it when you see it. Begin receiving it from others if you don’t. Those of us who are hard on ourselves are also hard recipients of grace. We don’t accept it from ourselves (it’s why we are on this journey) and often we don’t accept it from others.
4. Forgive others. One of the best ways I know how to begin doing something is to practice it. If we practice forgiving one another, the forgiving of our own mistakes comes all the quicker.
5. Let others speak the truth into your life when you forget it. Sometimes we need good, objective truth-speakers in our lives to help remind us that we have already been forgiven. Maybe it is a good friend, a mentor, a counselor or a fellow {in}courage community member. None of us can journey on our own, ever, so even in this it is good to have solid, strong people around us to tell us that we are worthy of forgiveness.    source.

I challenge us all to enjoy the holidays with our families, friends, spouses, siblings, kids, etc in beautiful ways.
  • Yes, enjoy the special holiday treat.
  • Yes, go ahead & skip a workout here and there when you’re real tired & get some extra sleep.
  • Yes, count your blessings!
  • Yes, keep eating the delicious fruits & veggies.
  • Yes, drink lots of water.
  • Yes, avoid the guilt & embrace the delicious items at this special item! You are so much more than a cookie! (If you want that special cookie, EAT IT & ENJOY it. It will not be satisfying if you don’t take the time to enjoy it….)

And that is why I read blogs......others may watch TV, call a friend, Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook ...I don't do that ~ok just a little Facebook but not much~....I read blogs to be inspired, to learn, grow and see I am not alone in certain feelings...I am normal (scary thought right?) ....but I am! Normal for ME!

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