Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Free therapy ....makes the workout that much better.

Workout:  6am Body Pump....and some free therapy.  

After 2 days of not working out due to being "under the weather" I finally forced myself to do it today. And yes,  knowing I was meeting my buddy Stacey there and I could unload some stress on her made it all the better for me to be motivated to go.

Stacey...from this summer's 5k Beer Run we did together.

I told her about my head cold...she said, "Deal with it"
I told her about my depression when I can't work out b/c of the cold and then all I want to do is eat .....she said, "So, EAT!"
I told her that my eating of 1 or 2 cookies then becomes a binge and my body wants to inhale the sugary treats.....she said, "When you get sick you will stop." (Man, that girl has wisdom I tell ya!)
I told her I am feeling really fat now.....she said, "You don't look any different"
She has all the right answers for my food issues so time to step up my complaining.....

I told her that I am feeling GUILTY with every thing I am doing right or wrong with my children and that they will probably need a lot of therapy them selves by the time they move out.......they don't want to listen to me......I have to remind them to do homework and other tasks and then its constant complaining while they do it...........on and on........she said, "So will my children, maybe they can room together in the psych ward during their therapy sessions" hahaha! (She didn't say that exactly but that was the gist of it) And pretty much to get over it b/c we are only responsible for so much and then they are on their own for the rest.  (She is really smart huh?)

Feeling better already.

Do you all have a friend like Stacey or am I the lucky one?  Perspective, Attitude, Outlook.....once in a while I need a little adjustment...again remembering....blessed NOT stressed! 


hiker mom said...

You are so blessed to have a great friend like Stacey:) I have a friend/sister like that too. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't call her to vent:) I feel the same way about my kids. If they don't end up totally messed up by me, I will be so happy! It's hard being a mom. Always second guessing ourselves and feeling guilty. Ugh!

Kim said...

Nothing like combining a good workout and therapy!!! Your friend sounds like my sis-in-law, Stacy.

Corrie Anne said...

That's a good friend! :) I wish my dogs could talk haha