Saturday, December 1, 2012

Date night and a tree

Workout: 7am..hour of body pump and then had to try out those new BROOKS running shoes..just a short 2 miles on the new shoes!  

Last night was date night...we scored 4th row tickets to our first MN Gopher Hockey game.
Great arena, great seats, great game except we lost...just a minor detail.  ;-)

The cheerleaders were warming up the crowd as the players warmed up too.
(We warmed up by having happy hour just a block away at Buffalo Wild Wings...
beers, nachos and a shared jerk chicken sandwich...yum!)
 The crowd.
Can you guess the University colors?

 Did you guess maroon and gold?
if so, you would be correct...
Goldy Gopher is our mascot.

Besides the fact that we were on a "date" my other favorite thing
of the evening was the dessert! Every one was eating these huge bowls of ice cream and since it is my biggest indulgence we splurged before leaving and shared a bowl of Kemps Monster Cookie! 
Double YUMYUM!
If you like ice cream and get the opportunity to try it ...DO! 
It's amazing!

Have you seen this before?

If not, it is a close up picture of our Christmas dishes.

Love it!

Now back to baking....sugar cookies and M&M cookies are done...peanut butter kisses are in the works. ;-) What are you doing?

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