Friday, December 7, 2012

Busy weekend and a little nog!

Workout:  Well, it actually happened last night when I took the girls to the Y.  Ran 2 miles my "normal" speed and 1 additional mile doing one lap at "normal" and one lap at "take my breath away" and at my smallish Y 10 laps around the track = 1 mile so that was 30 times around!!!  Of course had to end with 15 minutes of core and stretching.  ;-)

Today: I have already made one fresh salsa salad, doing wash, and soon will be dusting, cleaning bathrooms and vacuuming!  If I can fit in 15 minutes of a mini boot camp between that I will otherwise, no sweat and I will figure out something tomorrow.....

But WAIT.....why am I cleaning so??? 

Because these two are coming down.....
 Mom and Dad
Grandma and Grandpa
Best two peeps in the world!

That is also why we were baking fools last weekend...and have been eating fools this week.  ha! 
 Coley helped with the kisses....thanks girlie!
 Makenzie (when asked to help) conveniently ignored me......then I finally checked to see what she was doing can see in the pic below that she was VERY BUSY!!!! Instagram is a certain 13 yr. olds life these days.  Owen was simply M.I.A...........

They all are excited to sing loud and proud at the Children's Christmas Program this weekend at church for G&G and all to see (yea it rhymed...that's me!)

Eggnog anyone?  Yes..please if its Pumpkin Spice EggNog that is!  Traditionally hubs will come home with a carton of eggnog each year and each year I take a sip and think "How disgusting"...and the calories are insane!  Well, this year while at Target I spotted the new flavor and beat hubs to the purchase.  And??????? The calories are still insane but the taste is so worth it!  

Just a couple of sips at a time is good because it is so rich ~  it definitely reminds me of Christmas ~ or maybe it reminds me of Uncle Eddy in Christmas Vacation drinking eggnog out of the reindeer mug while chatting with Clark next to the Christmas tree?  

Made it official.  I signed hubs and myself up for the Twin Cities Irish for a Day (10-miler) yesterday.  After my 3-mile run last night I can safely say I am totally pumped! It's the little things right?

Have a great weekend....
Do you like Eggnog?  Every tried Pumpkin Spice Eggnog?
 ......................Mmmmmm good!


hiker mom said...

Fun! I love to bake, but I eat too much of the finished product. Therefore, I don't bake much:0 Never tried eggnog. Something about the name and consistency makes me not want to try it:) Have fun with the family!

hiker mom said...

P.S. did you see my reply that running naked means without electronics, not without clothes:) Just had to clarify;)

Kim said...

Yippee for a visit from grandparents!!! Plus, I love that you are learning to be ok with whatever amount of time you can get in to workout. Enjoy the family time!


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