Thursday, December 27, 2012

B/c I can't remember my year in numbers ~ here are a few weeks worth...

I have been reading blogs lately (yes, that's what I do...who needs TV when one has a computer and blogs to read? Truly wish I could figure out a way to get paid to do this.  But for now...)  Many of them are highlighting the best and worst of the year already ~ they are talking goals for next year and a few even titled theirs "My year in numbers"....Hmmm?  That's an interesting idea??????

Resolution talk....will be coming For Sure!!

Goals.....still thinking about....oh so many!

Today is the day to highlight a few numbers with in my year....or at least the past few weeks because who can really remember a whole year of numbers?

10 .....the number of pounds I proudly lost.

5 .......the number of months it took to lose the weight safely and smart(ly?)

2........the number of pant sizes I went down.  

1........the biggest smile on the face ever.

@ 50 or so........comments from others saying "You look great", "Keep up the good work!!"

@100 or so.......comments from others saying "Are you sick?", "You are too thin", "You need to eat", "Your not eating enough", "I can see your bones", "What are you trying to do?"

133.....the number on the scale.

5'6" ....the height I am

1 million?......the number of times I wondered "Do I look good?" "Thin? Me? In the same sentence? No..." "I am eating ...I am just eating better", "Am I thin?", "I don't think I look sick?" 

5 .......weeks ago holiday eating started

3.......pounds crept back on

20......more cookies equals 2 more pounds....pants feeling tighter but OK.

5.......3+2=5 really does....shoot! 

1,000.......times of wishy washy sick of having no will power to sweet treats...I am an all or nothing kind of gal....its in the house so I must eat would be wrong to throw away this food I slaved over.  I mean we earned the money to buy the ingredients, the time to find the recipe~make the grocery list~go shopping~ come home and bake! I can't just throw all that away...

5.......more pounds officially went up on the scale ...AGAIN!  (5+5=10) UGH!

143....the number on the scale.

1......Embarrassed girl who did it again...lost weight and gained it back!!  What will it take to have control over eating and stop the yo-yo.  Am I not worth more than 10 pounds?

(I know, I know, the Christmas treats I allowed myself to eat were great.....they just weren't THAT great!) ;-(



Kim said...

It is a never ending battle. Because of that, I rarely weigh myself. I have finally decided that the actual weight (I think around 140 at 5'6" for me) is less as important as keeping it all firm. Plus, I try to make healthy eating choices (for our entire family) but I love chips & cocktails!!!

hiker mom said...

Weird that people make lame comments. I think that people are so used to seeing obese people that they think fit people look sick. Very sad. You will lose it again, don't worry:)

Ginger Foxxx said...

We all gain weight around this time of year. half of it is usually water anyway from all the sugar! I think you are doing an awesome job of balancing health and treats! Lord knows it is TOUGH!

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