Tuesday, December 11, 2012

8 random lessons....

Workout:  6am Body pump...it's just a wonderful thing!

1.  Pants do get tighter after a weekend of eating whenever and whatever...dang reality bites!

2.  There will always be some one who ate worse than you or exercised more than you....be happy with  what you did ~ be satisfied knowing we are all different and THANK GOD for that! (If we all ate like it was going to be our last meal...scary thought...or exercised non stop ....even scarier....life would be boring!!)

3.  If you exercise, eat right, and don't over dose on the wine you can get by on less sleep!!! (I know...crazy right?) I use to always need a good 9 hours....the past 3 months I have been averaging 6-7 and doing fine.

4.  Even though I only work 12 hours a week I am BUSY!!!

5.  Helping out friends who need it is HUGE!  Whether its just to watch their child or be a taxi for their child....it is appreciated more than one realizes and some times you don't know how much until they give you a $100 gift card for such help.

6.  Eating less treats and salt means I can easily bend my fingers in the morning and they aren't so bloated.  Love that!

7.  Refinancing at Christmas time is a blessing in disguise....not having a mortgage payment for December is simply a Blessing.

and finally....

8.  I learn so much from reading other blogs....recipes, exercise tips, and life lessons...thank you to all who take the time to enrich my life so.


hiker mom said...

Great lessons! It is so true. It's the littlest things sometimes that help out the most:)

Kim said...

Great tips! Amen to the December refinancing!! Actually, I paid the December mortgage but we don't have to pay January - awesome!!!

Ginger Foxxx said...

I'm going to have to try this sleep less trick - I never feel like i get enough!


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