Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 for 12-12-12

Workout:  Last night at the Y with the girls ran a simple 2 miles and did core work...this morning another 3 miles on the treadmill before work.  

Are you sick of the 12-12-12 references yet??? Here are 12 more! 

1.  The kids ready to perform for the Children's Christmas program last weekend.

2.  Owen (blurry oops..)singing his duet w/ servant Ryan.

 3.  Check out that deck below:
Yes...that is water...
it is currently 39 degrees and we are melting!

4.  If you look hard you will see Rudy out in the snow ~ Frances was just out so she was keeping a close eye on Rudy until her paws warmed up a bit only to be let out again very soon.

5.  Rudy thinking his paws are cold and wet enough.

 6.  "please let me in to warm up"
7.   OK....but come a little closer...

8.  Time out....I bought this the other day at Target...
its brewing right now...
can't wait to try it...
it sounds delish doesn't it!

9.  Frances on the playset
10.   Hmmmm...not sure but I guess the snow tastes better on top?

11.  The girls one afternoon at the Mall Of America while shopping with dad a couple of months ago.
Sometimes it is hard to believe they are 2 yrs. and 3 months apart.

12.  Reindeer Owen
(oh the things they will do in as a 4th grader....
I don't think so!  ha!)

Finally,  we are having a cookie exchange at work...we are to surprise those who signed up with a dozen cookies...Now. What. Cookies should I make/bring????  


Kim said...

Super cute kids! I live the girls hair color.

Corrie Anne said...

I HAD THAT COFFEE LAST WEEK! It was good. I love Target coffees. Weird, but true!!

Sana said...

The only reason I miss working in an office is for the holiday treats :(

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