Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What's Up Wednesday with US?


  • what is up with these sugar/sweet cravings lately?  
  • what is up with my nails...I have actually been painting them more often lately...feeling very lady like these days I guess
  • what's up with my hip flexor?  The new body pump release at my Y had some goof ball jumps in the lunge track and I am afraid/bummed/upset that they kind of re-injured my right hip area. NO MORE JUMPS OR HIGH KNEE THINGS until I really strengthen that muscle!!! (and no running for a few days either...ugh...sad sad face ;-(


  • had a great time with the church senior high youth group over the weekend.  30 kids plus 5 adult chaperones went to Grand Marais for a quick bonding weekend.  They shopped, played games, watched movies, went out to eat, had bible time and devotions and went to church (where Nicole said their group took up half of the church pews) before returning home exhausted!!
  • she is still busy with her year book responsibilities ~ viewing and editing pictures and names that will be put to press later in the year.

  • basketball is in full swing...practices two nights a week and a game on Saturday.
  • fall/winter baseball clinic has started every Sunday night through March (I think)...he is enjoying both sports so glad.
  • What's up with these Large Skylanders?  Any one have kids into that video game?  What a money racket....trying to get around that one for Christmas but not sure if its going to work?
  • What's up with NOT sharing Halloween candy?  If its in the house I believe it must be shared...(oops maybe that's why the sugar cravings have increased....haha!)

  • What's up with all this physical therapy for said 13 yr. old.  Doc told her NO RUNNING til soreness has stopped....if I only had my camera to catch that smile! 
  • What's up with being busier now than she even was during cross country?
  • What's up with the price of a letter jacket? Starting at $250...I will buy a $25 jacket~sew on the puffy letter and WAaLAa...a letter jacket!  hahaha!

  • Geesh ...what can I say?? 
  • He has been busy helping out Owen and his sports...assisting with basketball and baseball.
  • Busy with meetings
  • Doing dishes....taking the dog out for potties...getting me candy when I ask for it (oops!)...and very complimentary lately...
  • WHAT'S UP WITH THAT???? (Hmmmm...he must be sick or want something....ha!)

What's UP with you?

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hiker mom said...

Hope your hip feels better:) Sounds like you guys are busy! Love that hubs is being extra complimentary! Awesome!

We have a lot of fun things happening around here......

 Hard to believe this picture was taken last August as we were preparing for her final senior year at North she is just 16 day...