Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What I am looking forward to

1.  Today's the day...today's the day...we are refinancing today!! HIP, HIP, HOORAY!  Two years ago we refinanced to a 20 year loan at 4.25% ...tomorrow (today) we will refinance to a 15 year loan at 2.75%...saving.a.lot.  And on top of that our "loan lady" referred me to their insurance company too...and you know what ???? Our house insurance is going down by about $250 per year and we will be saving roughly $250 on our autos per year.

That's money in the bank peeps....or money to be spent toward Christmas buying.  ;-)

2. Cycle class tomorrow morning(done! It was awesome!) ...right now it just sounds good...could be that I ate a lot of homemade pizza tonight...that post will be coming another day.

3. The Thanksgiving 5k Turkey Trot!!!  Check out that awesome bib~

 OH yes, we registered early.  Oh, yes we got to personalize our running bib by doing so.  Oh, yes they even sent our shirt and bib directly to us and oh, yes...we will be doing this as a family the morning of Thanksgiving.  (except for Kenzie who was told today by her physical therapist that she can't run for at least 3 weeks.....her shin splints are still healing...she is THRILLED!  She will be cheering us on ~a little switch after we cheered her on during cross country~and watching the action from the curb) Then home for pancakes, a little Charlie Brown Thanksgiving movie, maybe put up a Christmas tree, while I get the prime rib, corn and pies ready for our dinner feast!  Sounds like a great day to be thankful for!

4.  Working more at the Y.  Seriously did I just type that??? Yes, I did.....I always get the bug to work more during this time of year....is it the increase spending that is nagging on me?....the idea that I need to make myself get out of the house or I will become a bear and hibernate through the winter until its above 60 degrees again?....or is it the thought of getting away from the 4-legged creatures ~ that are making me feel like the odd one out during the day ~ sound simply wonderful!!  ;-)

5.  Pumpkin Pie...and ice cream! (need I say more).

What are you looking forward to?????


Ali Mc said...

I can't believe you got to personalize your bib!!!! that's awesome! Hope you kill that turkey trot ;) lol

and I love pumpkin pie and ice cream. YUM!

hiker mom said...

Yay for refinancing and saving money!! Awesome bib and I love the shirt too:) I love that you work at the Y. What do you do there? I am looking forward to going to Hawaii the day after Thanksgiving! Woohoo! Oh, and stuffing)

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