Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What a gorgeous Day!

I guess my life this week equals thankful evening posts....and because today was simply just too beautiful to be inside!!  ***see what I mean*** I started this post last night but had to get out side (or make supper/pick up Nicole/get Owen to basketball...its all the same stuff but a different day) ;-) So now I am finishing it....hee hee.

Exercise:  I did about 30 minute of arm workouts at home in the morning and later met my friend Stacey for an easy 3 mile jog.  (we kept saying, "its so nice...I can't believe its almost Thanksgiving" Have you heard that a lot?)

Stacey and myself last June during our "beer run"

Yesterdays thankfulness has to be sun, health, beautiful weather and friends! 

I cleaned and rearranged Owen and Kenzie's bedrooms, washed laundry, and finally figured out WHAT TO DO with OUR POOPER of a PUPPY!!!

me trying to figure out what to do with the pooper..
(or looking at the cobwebs in the corner....great, one more thing to clean!)

Seriously a blonde...duh!....moment!!

I moved his entire kennel back to the mud room.  Cleaned out half of the closet in there and it fit perfectly.  He now has his comfy kennel, toys and a tile floor all to himself and when I leave the house I close him in there with lattice so he can still look out, move around and dare I say poop (if he needs to on the tile floor a.k.a. easy clean up) Happy dog...happy mom...happier family!  

That's a lot to be thankful for right there!

(off to cycle have no school...and its suppose to be 60 degrees or more...the thanks keep pouring out..)

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hiker mom said...

Glad you made things easier on yourself with the pup:) Puppy accidents in the house are the worst!

How have you been spending your time???

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