Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey Trot..sunrise,smiles,sillies,stress and success!

getting ready

 Team Orange girls.

 6:50 am 
downtown Mpls...straight ahead.

 Target Center..
free hot chocolate!!
(even though it is 50 degrees!)

 The start and finish lines.

 about 5 minutes until we go...
 time for more silly pics of course...
 Owen loves this one.  (?)
 I love this one...minus the bags and wrinkles by my eyes.

 I guess this is the turkey and the head gobbler!
 our (Owen saving) hats......

The morning was perfect.  No complaints about getting up early, no problem with parking, the weather was perfect.  The run started...crowded (we heard there may have been about 12,000! what??!!)...hard to maneuver around the walkers (wish they would have stayed to one side or in back..but whatever)...we managed..we stayed together ...until the end...Owen was determined to beat us all and gave it his all at the end.  He succeeded...he beat us all and then got lost in the crowd....the girls and I waited by the finish for about 15-20 minutes while hubs went off looking for him.  (Thinking he~Owen~may come back to the finish to look for us so we stayed put) 

Eventually he did.  With two other runners who found the little guy crying about a block up from the finish.  Owen did great remaining pretty calm over all...the men were very nice and Owen told us they talked to him about school, sports, family etc...and he told the guys we were all wearing the turkey hats so they should look for them... WHEW! Who knew the hats would be so handy!?

In my mind I knew it would work out and when Owen said, "God was with me so I knew I would be OK" I figured we were all OK!  Thank you God for keeping Owen OK....I am thankful to the two runners that took care of him...and thankful for a perfect ending to an even better morning! 

Our first Turkey Trot was a total success!

Happy smiles from all!!
(on the ride home)


skinnyrunner said...

you guys are some cute turkeys!

hiker mom said...

Fun! You guys looked awesome! So glad you were all reunited:) Runners are awesome!

Corrie Anne said...

Awwa!!! Thankful for those hats then. Super cute pictures!! How fun!

CAit the Arty Runnerchick said...

oh my goodness how CUTE u all are and wat an awesome way to spend the turkey day!! always have to love a family of runners. :)

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