Tuesday, November 13, 2012

TMI Tuesdsay

*edit* I haven't been running so I feel the need to post daily what I have been doing instead...like this is some exercise blog or something...ha!  Monday: 45 minutes group cycle. Tuesday: 60 Body Pump. ;-)

I am feeling a little like this pup today....like I am wearing a cone upside down and being drown by every thing around me.  Its not about the weather today though (today its sunny and a mere 19 degree out but feels fine).....its the actual PUP ~ Rudy~ that is overwhelming me and my mind/heart.  

this 7 pound, 6 month old, puppy...
don't give me that face...
you know what you did...

Yesterday he was sick.  As I have mentioned before these dogs LICK every thing and we have caught him eating just about every thing out side too...the hound/digging instinct in them I guess.  We don't know what he ate but every thing came up yesterday.  It wasn't just a one time thing either....hubs cleaned up at least 7 or 8 spots and I found a couple of more that had obviously been there a while.  And I found some poop.  Now I must say he has been great with telling us when he needs to go out but yesterday with the cold and not feeling well he must have decided it was OK to go in the house.


This morning before heading to the Y (at 5:30am) he was running and jumping as usual.  He is better.  ;-) However, when I got home from the Y (at 7:15am) I found 2 more poops.  Really?  No excuses dog...you should not GO TO the bathroom IN THE HOUSE.  I can't stand it and can't tolerate it.  

My heart sank.  Why can't I accept a dog has issues just like I do (at times ;-) and this too shall pass.  

 Next.....what is this? 
(didn't we learn about this at age 2 or 3?)
Why is it that a certain male in our house doesn't like to use it? 

 Do I need to get one of these?

Or maybe a more "man friendly" one like this?

Hubby...I LOVE YOU and you know it...I appreciate all the doggie pukes you picked up yesterday...but, why do you insist to use the "extra toilet paper roll" sitting in the basket (which I then find sitting beside the toilet....totally giving your self away...) instead of using the T.P. on the actual dispenser? I don't get it...never will...the only thing I can think of is that you never want to have to put a new roll on the holder....if you don't use it you don't have to replace it right?   Can you just put the roll back in the basket when done?  Thanks!  

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hiker mom said...

Sorry about the poops:( So frustrating! I guess poop is better than pee? Easier to clean up and doesn't ruin the carpet:)

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