Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Eve of a THaNkfUL week..

I have just decided that every day this week shall have posts about what I am thankful for on that day, or at that moment, or get the idea ....right? ;-)

So tonight lets just start off with a little preview:

1.  I am thankful for my Sunday School 4th graders..... at the end of class today..... when I told them I had a special something for them because its a special week coming little girl immediately said, "Do we get candy!"  ;-) so cute!

2.  I am thankful for consignment shops!!  I went shopping after church today...I actually went to TJ Maxx and got a new sports bra and yoga pants but on a whim (as I was leaving TJ Maxx) I decided to check out the consignment shop next to it.  Score! I got a cute top ($10) and Gap dress pants (7.50) that really fit well....which alone is amazing for my pear shape...YEA!

3.  I am thankful for my Y friends which started out as "Y friends" but are simply good friends now.  ;-)

4.  I am thankful for exercise.  (The girls and I went to the Y tonight).  We ran and worked on our core.  It was really quiet.  It was nice having the track almost to ourselves ~ the members that were there were mainly boys playing basketball in the gym.  ;-)



5.  I am thankful for priorities in life....and as our pastor said in his sermon this weekend....If you make God your number one priority then every thing else "all those other things that you think take priority in your life" will just fall into its appropriate place.  That's a good idea...just think about that...try to do that...what other "thing" could be more important really?

until tomorrow...........

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Corrie Anne said...

Definitely agree with all of these! Especially #5 :)

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