Saturday, November 17, 2012

the difference one week will make

*Workout ~ Thursday morning 6am Body Pump ~ then later back with the family for a 30 minute Zumba class and a mile walk.  Friday morning 45 minute cycle class.*   

As I sit here this morning (eating breakfast and getting ready to go to body pump and then straight to work for @ 4 hours) I glanced at my calendar and couldn't believe that by this time next week THANKSGIVING and all the BLACK FRIDAY hype will be over.  Another year come and gone.

This week I am busy planning our Thanksgiving menu, making a list of groceries, setting out recipes, thinking about our T-day run and what we will wear (important stuff I know), I am looking ahead to the 2-day school week the kids have coming up~when I will be working and what they will be doing at home.

Then after next week it will be over and we will change gears to Christmas decorating, Christmas baking, Christmas program at church and on and on.

But first I have to reflect on this week.....the week that just last year tore our family apart....this was the same week we were crying and dealing with the thought of our uncle, brother, friend, no longer being with us here on earth ...he was heading to his new life with Jesus in heaven.  We knew the day was getting close and closer and our thoughts of Thanksgiving were farther and farther week last year made a difference.

One week Dave was here with us...
old photo yes...

But the next week he was gone....

 We had his service at Hamline Univ. where he is in the Athletic Hall of Fame...for running! His friends had shirts made that we wore and still wear proudly.  He passed on 11-21-2011 from a quick 3-week bought with cancer.
2 brothers, one cousin, one nephew and 
over 300 friends/family came to celebrate the man.

Hard to believe how one week, one day, one hour can change our life......enjoy your time this week with friends/family/or who thankful and gracious.....we never know what next week will bring.

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Ginger Foxxx said...

:( It's always hard to lose some one around the holidays! It's also a good time to remember them though - i hope its a week of fond memories for you and yours!

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