Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Just a few things I am thankful for today:

1.  My scale...oh, yes I am! Reality check~ that after a couple of days eating mini candy bars and giving in to many cravings it DOES SHOW UP on the scale...time to STOP the insanity!

2.  My Van....2002 Honda Odyssey with approximately 149,000 miles, a door ding in every spot possible, a couple of rust spots now developing around the tire wells (is that what they are called? whatever...) and a nick in the windshield.  It starts every morning and gets me where I need to be...thank goodness!

3.  My dang hip flexor....It puts my exercise life in perspective.  I cannot go go go like others can.  My body does need an easier day or even rest days here and there.  Some times injuries make you stop and slow down even though you don't want to; but it ends up being better in the end.  Always learning...

4.  coffee....need I say more?

5.  The sun that is shining right now and calling me to get off my butt and go for a walk!

6.  God...for having a plan for my life....who would have thought that a small town girl working at a Holiday Inn one day would meet a guy from Minneapolis~date a few years~eventually get married~have 3 wonderful children and be able to work part time while raising the kiddos and running the house?  Thank you God for that!

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