Friday, November 2, 2012

State Bound.....

1 day and they are they will go and run the route...ez....and enjoy a meal at Noodles (a little carb~bonding supper) on the way home.

Kenzie and all the varsity girls were given a surprise t-shirt by the captains the other night after practice.  The captains gave each girl a nick name~decorated the shirt~and had them wear it to school yesterday (no school today) to pump them up for the big pumped up her friends too since every one was asking her about "Mac N Cheese" ....the buzz was Cross Country for sure!

(Hilarious that the night she brought home the shirt I had just made mac n cheese for supper....and sweet potatoe was very much an orange night for us....and yes, it was my Halloween themed orange supper....)

Good Luck to all the girls on Saturday!!! 
So happy you made it this far ~ just do your best and have fun! 

Now my issue....yesterday was a little bit of a binge body just goes ape (I know it is related to  THAT womanly thing I KNOW IT!) So....I told myself I would have one of every mini bar...that the kids would be willing to share with me....


I think I had at least 10 mini bars...and I THOUGHT I would be sick to my stomach or at least sick in the morning when I woke up but you know what?????

I was fine! My body felt great...not bloated....not sick....not craving any sugar....not feeling sugar fact I feel really good today!! I guess my body or mind knew what it needed...ha!

Funny....I don't remember how any of those bars tasted....but I am excited to run later and see results. ;-)

p.s. I was so tired from little sleep the night before that I went to bed last night at 8:35 and woke up at 6:15 this morning! I said a body just knows what it needs.

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