Saturday, November 3, 2012

My favorite girls!

At the Mall of America 

With out planning and definitely not on purpose Kenzie and Coley both wore comfy sweatshirts~had their hair down (doesn't happen often with Kenz) and pushed to the side. What??!? Then on top of all those similarities they agreed to smile for a photo when hubs asked.  

Is this how sisters act when they really like and love each other?  

Right now its quiet here.  Just me and the animals.  Coley is gone for the weekend with the senior high youth group from church, Kenzie is still with her cross country team enjoying a little supper at Buffalo Wild Wings, and Owen and hubs ran to Target.  

We have had an emotional weekend around here but I will post more on that next week.....for now....I am going to close my eyes a bit~listen to the cats purr~the dogs snore and appreciate that I am not in charge ....God is and his plan is the right one...we are just living it out.  ;-)

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hiker mom said...

Enjoy your alone time:)

How have you been spending your time???

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