Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How are you feeling?

Workout: Monday zip...zilch..nothing...notta...
                This morning 6AM...body pump at my Y!!! 

Yesterday was simply a weird~odd~out of sorts kind of day.  I worked in the am just the same...no big deal but by 4PM I was done.  I got a touch of the dizzies (usually means I am tired), I felt kind of sickly, and had some funky sinus/headache going on around my eyes.  It all came on so sudden I didn't know what hit me. ;-)

So what did I do?  Help Kenzie with her math homework, made supper for the kiddos, picked up Coley from school, cleaned up the kitchen, finished the laundry, took Owen to basketball, picked up some milk, back home to help Kenzie with math again for her quiz today and almost cried myself to sleep.  Waaaahhhhh......did you hear me???

 I was all upside down....

A little happy..

 A little sickly..

 and kind of a freak getting things done.

Am I letting the Christmas stress get to me already?

Are these deer feeling stressed right now?
How do they handle what mother nature throws at them???

Do they want to go to Kwik Trip and buy ice cream only to look at the calories and decide that 600 calories for about 2 cups of ice cream just isn't worth it?  (seriously can't believe I put the ice cream back in my weakened delirious state of mind).

I passed out at 9:21pm last night and woke up at 4:48am not as much sleep as I thought I would need or get but I guess it worked....I woke up ready to tackle my exercise plans and this brand new day. So far so good....I have cleaned carpets, bathrooms, ordered a couple of Christmas gifts and am about to read over my Sunday School lesson b/c the rest of the week is looking busy already.

I don't have time to be sick.  

Sound familiar?

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