Thursday, November 15, 2012

Homemade pizza = YUM! (to most)

While reading blogs the other day I found a post stating the BEST PIZZA CRUST E.V.E.R. Duh...have to try that!, I thought it sounded like a lot of flour but, I didn't know better and used ALL the dough (except 2 smaller pieces for my personal pizzas).  Oops...that's a lot of crust. ***edit** I just reread the original post for this says and I quote..."enough to make 4 large pizza!!!** hahhahaha!!  I should and could have made 3 pizza crusts with it...or tasted really GOOD! I will be making it AGAIN!! 
The dough rolled out on the pizza pan.
 My personal pizzas (thinner crusts...better!)...
loaded with tomato sauce, spinach, pineapples, mushrooms, Italian sausage 
and some mozzarella cheese!
 fresh pineapple chunks....
*licking lips now*
 before baking

Coley waiting patiently

 The MOTHER of all PIZZAS! (before baking)


Holy Pizza Batman!
That is big and beautiful!

 Kenzie loved, loved, loved it!
(her face is saying..."Hurry up and take the pic's HOT!")
oh, what I make the kids do for a blog pic!
and Owen's take on it?

Typical....he opted for peanut butter bananas and a chicken sandwich.
and gave his meal a big thumb's up!
That's my Boy!

Try the recipe....add your own toppings....know that you don't have to use all the dough for one pizza or your crust will be very thick....its good~ but heavy....better if you make more smaller ones.  ;-) 

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yep. this is gonna happen.

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