Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Frosted wheats to the rescue!

Workout:  6am~45 minute cycle class at Y

My body must be missing something....last night the same weird feelings came back...not as bad as Monday but none the less the upset tummy and headache was present.

Again no time to rest...I had to work last night for a few hours ~ I made it through ~ kind of like the Q-tip men made it through their half marathon last wasn't pretty but they did it.  ha!

Then I came home and went all mad dog crazy on supper.  It started with a taco salad ~ meat, spaghetti squash, spinach, salsa, and a tortilla torn up among it all but that wasn't enough...WHAT?! Yea, I still felt hungry for something....and I knew exactly what I wanted....

Of course, I had the Target generic brand but they taste the same....and totally HIT THE SPOT!  YUM!

What can I say I give my body what it wants and (I hope) needs.  ;-)  Totally hoping the feeling is out of my body now and forever.  

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