Friday, November 9, 2012

Free Rant Friday

1.  Why is it I love vacuuming and dislike dusting?

2.  Why does our older dog, Frances, insist on "tasting" her fresh deposits right after being fed her food that we spent our hard earned money on?
yes, this is an empty p.butter jar but it only acts as a condiment to her "own treats.

3.  Why does our dachshund have to lick EVERYTHING!  I hear and have read that this is very common for the breed but seriously! Enough already!
ashamed by all the licking and couldn't even look at me 

4.  Why can't a 30-minute session of Core Conditioning and a 30-minute class of Mat Pilates feel like a work out to me?  I barely sweat...but this is what I have to do until I feel OK to try out my hip flexor with running again.  

5.  Why must my hip flexor do this to me?

6.  Why do I feel the need for a strong margarita on the rocks right now?

7.  Why can't I eat whatever I want whenever I want and NOT gain weight?  It's a vicious cycle I tell ya!
even the bubbles at the bottom of the sink were teasing with me

Tomorrow/Weekend Outlook:  

I might try body pump and go light on the squats and lunges to protect that w/ Owen...working a few School...and rain. ;-)  I will give it a B!

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hiker mom said...

I hate dusting!! Yes, frustrating when you work out for an hour and feel like you didn't do anything. I swear, running is the only thing that really feels like a workout to me. I know it's not true, but that's how I feel:)

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