Sunday, November 11, 2012

Foto Flexor Fun on a Sunday night

Trying out the "comic" design...must say its kind of fun!

(last year photo.... getting ready to ski)

(probably age 3...playing with legos...of course!)

(putting on boots before hitting the hills
or mountain/slopes...whatever...

We hit a high of 67 on Saturday...went to church Saturday night in short sleeves...had date night with hubby (or date appetizer and a beer...we were gone from that's a quickie date I guess!) and woke up Sunday morning to sleet/snow/wind and much cooler temps.

Wore the "kind of" winter coat (warmer than a fall coat but not my snow shoveling heavy you all have coats for many temps?  We do in MN!)  back to church to teach Sunday school...made a yummy meatloaf...dropped the girls off at the movie...ran errands with the boy...picked girls up and headed to the Y to get in an hour work out before supper.  

As I sit ~ I can hear the wind howling outside.... the weather guys say we are suppose to have a temperature high of 27 about a change in temps!  I think we will throw on an extra blanket tonight for sure.  ;-)  

Hmmmm...can we move to Florida just yet??????


MizFit said...

wow. twenty seven should be an age :-) not a temp...

Ginger Foxxx said...

Ugh, we had the same crazy temperature drop here! Time to saran wrap my windows!

Corrie Anne said...

I'm freeeeezing in CO too, but I think it's supposed to be nicer tomorrow. I need a warmer coat.