Monday, November 26, 2012

Belly dance any one?

Who will be shopping via internet today? It is Cyber Monday after all.....I may be "looking" but I don't actually buy much (unless there is a bargain on QVC) Is that considered TMI? Yes, my name is Kathy and I have been known to watch and purchase items from QVC....its not your grandmother's channel any more.  ;-)

Yesterday's workout:  After church I went to the Y and ran 4 miles at an ez 10 minute mile pace.  Then, girls and I went back later so I could go to Body Pump and lift some weights for an hour.  ;-)

Why 2 workouts????  I am feeling very "bloated", "big", and "blah" after my feeding frenzy Saturday night.  ( and maybe too much pie from Thanksgiving ;-)

Saturday night included meeting friends at the Mediterranean Cruise Cafe.  It was our first time...
 we saw this dancer...
 (although she had a leopard print outfit on during our performance)
we ate this pasta....spinach/shrimp/mushroom..YUM!
We ordered the dinner for two...
two salads, two entrees, two desserts..
to die for!!!
(well, not really but you know the saying)

 After I rolled myself out of there and all the way home I decided that I needed to work out twice yesterday and I need to eat MUCH better and HEALTHIER this week......until Friday...when hubby and I are going to the MN Gopher Hockey game thanks to another friend who gave us his tickets for the evening and his seasonal parking pass!!  Wow...we have good friends with even better connections.  ;-)

Ever tried belly dancing?  Would you be able to wear that outfit and do it in front of many while they are eating and watching?  No and No....although hubby would probably love it if I practiced a bit at home....ha! 


hiker mom said...

I have never tried belly dancing. My hips don't seem to be able to move like that:)

Corrie Anne said...

I definitely tried a dvd once with some friends, but I was lacking the coin belt!

Ginger Foxxx said...

I am feeling the same way this week! I need to stop eating crap and start going to the gyn! I want to take a belling dancing class now, haha

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