Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What I did (today) or yesterday...depending on time of reading.

the below pictures may look rough, tough and out of control!

They do this a lot
 love it
each other. ;-)

(no dogs were hurt during picture taking)

We love each other.

 Rudy pinned Frances....
He is 7 pounds of might I tell ya!
 I am thinking Rudy wants to get away from some
awful smelling poop breath.
(can't say I blame him)

 Frances giving the "lets just be friends paw hug"
while Rudy says, 
"Hold still I can't get that collar off with all your hugging!"

 "ok, ok, you can hug me"

and I will kiss you!

Then when the rain kept coming and wrecked havoc on my morning run plans ~ I decided to bake some cookies. *don't be impressed....like I thought you were...* The pumpkin mix, egg and butter turned out a wonderfully delicious cookie however, I felt the urge to doctor it up a bit.

 so to the batter I added CHIA seeds
 then I separated the batter...to one portion I added just mini chocolate chips and
to another portion I added chocolate chips AND Hershey's Dark Chocolate powder.
(one can never have enough chocolate)
(it doesn't matter what I add...what can I say ;-)

 The SUN is OUT!  The rain has stopped.  You know what that means?  God wanted me to run off those cookies I just ate!  Thank you God...I wanted to too.  Off I went......and an hour later I was home with 6.33 miles completed..very good for me and for the wind in my face.

 Doesn't every dog lick your sweat for you when you get home?

 Then I had to see how my "chest bulge" looked....not too bad actually.
Halfway in I started feeling some chaffing at the tip of my tank 
which I had on under my shirt and over my sports bra.
Hmmmmm...what to do?

I padded it with my glove of course!!

Even my neck veins are giving me (or you) the "V"
for victory....glove=no shower burn from chaffing!

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