Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thankful Thursday!

Oh where to begin?

  • Thankful that Wednesday is finally over and my "crazy hormones" which had me eating EVERYTHING in the house are feeling back to normal.  
  • Thankful that my good friend gave my a bunch of bricks she wasn't I could fill in some gaps between the bottom of our fence and the ground....where a certain mini dachshund escaped from the other night.  ( he was caught by a neighbor and is home safe now)
  • Thankful that today I don't have to do any thing outside because the wind would probably blow me over if I had raking!...the leaves are blowing every where right now!

Serious stuff....I was surprised and thankful to see a fresh pot of coffee when I got home from body pump this morning...loved that! (and so had a cup right then and there).

Thankful for inspirational blogs I read to motivate me to try new foods/recipes, exercises, ones that give me some thing to reflect on, change my perspective on or often have me laughing out loud!

I could go on and on today....for our health, house, FaMiLy, a vehicle that runs, and legs that move me....thank you God for oh so much!


hiker mom said...

Lots to be thankful for:) So glad your dog made it back home safely. Wind is an awesome excuse to not rake:) Love it!

Corrie Anne said...

My dogs escaped once and it was terrifying!! Especially since Pippa is a FAST runner. I'm always thankful for coffee!!

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