Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lovely Lego Surprise....

 This morning hubs was up a little earlier than normal to make CHIA pancakes for the girls for breakfast.  The kids love his scrambled eggs and pancakes or waffles and last night Kenzie requested (or maybe hubs offered? not sure I guess?) pancakes for breakfast.  He agreed and added CHIA seeds to the mix to give them a little boost for the day.  ;-)

 Too bad Owen saw the seeds and refused to eat the pancakes? 
 What's up with that? 
 Kenzie didn't mind his refusal....
she just said, "Cool, more for me!"
For the CC meet today JV and V girls decided to do a little matchy matchy look..
black leggings
CC coat
"fancy" knee high socks

I don't know if I have shared but the kids all leave at different times in the morning for school.  Kenzie leaves first at 7:04.  Coley is next at 7:40 and then Owen and I have some time until 9:00 when he meets the neighbor kids to walk up to school.  Yesterday during his morning "quiet" time he was up playing legos in his room.  I was surprised when he came down a few minutes later with his latest Lego creation........
Jesus on the cross with a guard watching him.
(we put his in the flower "pen" pot)

He said he made one to put in the bathroom upstairs so he could look at it while he brushed his teeth and remember all that Jesus has done for us/him.  Then, he thought he could make another one for me to have beside the computer FOR ALL OF US TO SEE and use as a reminder for us when we are busy at the computer.  ;-) Ahhhh....love that! 

Sometimes I don't know what triggers certain thoughts or actions but what ever it was it was a "Good" thing. 

On another note....I have been going back to cycle class lately and loving it.  Changing up the exercise is a good thing too....and walking the dogs with Nicole is a wonderful thing!! We took them out last night.  It's a great time to talk and be away from the hustle of the house...thanks for the chat Cole!  ;-)

Had any surprise creations around your house lately?  

On the agenda for today?  Light exercise, putting up some fall/Halloween decor and picking up Owen and Coley from school to drive to a CC meet 40 minutes away.  Can't wait!   

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